Friday, February 13, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

It has been rainy & overcast here all week, I really can't complain though - it is the first time I have worn jeans since arriving here almost 2 months ago!
We woke up to pouring rain today
I am definitely NOT leaving the house today! A luxury I hope will come to an end soon. I am waiting on a job offer.......... the agent is VERY positive - assures me I am the ONLY candidate and that it is simply paperwork and salary that needs to be sorted out before I can start the job..... I really hope he is right! I made my other follow up calls (just in case this job falls through) and have nothing else to do today really - so I decided to watch my Doris Day & Rock Hudson 'Romance Collection' DVDs again - I have already made my way through 'Pillow Talk' (SUCH a cute movie) and now I am enjoying 'Lover Come Back' - next up 'Send Me No Flowers.'
I think I need to enjoy being unemployed for as long as I can - as if what my agent says is true I may be back in a cubicle by the end of next week!!

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