Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Rainy Weekend

Happy Valentines Day
We don't celebrate Valentines Day, since we have our own celebration on the 24th (also know as M&M day). However we did have a lovely lunch with Helen, she gave me these yummy chocolates!

On the way back we stopped at a surf shop to get out of the rain & just to look - Helen liked this huge board - pretty!

The name of the board made us think of Heather :)

I liked this smaller Australian flag board - however, neither of us knows how to surf anyhow - so we deciding favourites just purely based on the designs!

Today we got haircuts at the local Toni & Guy salon since they were donating the money you pay for a cut to the Salvation Army to help with the bush fire relief fund (and WOW what a great haircut - I am VERY happy!)
On the walk home we stopped to take a photo of this amazing photo on the wall of one of the local surf shops - WOW what a photo

It rained today, like every day the past week, half an hour of torrential rain, then a break, on & on & on - Murray looks thrilled doesn't he? Gotta love the waterproof travel jacket though (I think we need to get him a little umbrella)!

This afternoon while doing our weekly grocery shop I noticed this dog food in the cold section - firstly - the name - Chunkers - for a chunky dog? What an odd name! And who the heck thought of feeding chicken with scrambled egg & parsley to a dog? Parsley? Interesting........

The Easter display was in full force - but why are the rabbits wearing collars with bells?


Murray was embarrassed when I whipped out my camera to take a photo of this sign (but then that IS why he gave me a smaller camera that I could carry around in my bag). I have never seen a sign like this before - is this the aisle you go through when you want to avoid temptation - gum, candy ahhhhhhhh nooooooooo it will go straight to my hips!!!!!
Apparently not. Murray then pointed out to me that an aisle down at the other end of the store had this sign also with a picture of a little kid - ahhh, it is so your kids won't beg for last minute candy - kind of a good idea!

And our new favourite...... Ginger Beer - sounds odd but WOW is it good (especially with a bit of Bundaberg Rum - however, we don't have any of that at the moment!)


  1. I will never understand why we insist on selling Easter eggs in FEBRUARY!!! Just like tinsel starts appearing in the mall in October.

    No pleasure delay, no greatly anticipated mad rush for holiday goodies the night before. Is this madness evident across the globe?


  2. Parsley is great for dog breath

  3. Ahhhh you learn something new every day!