Friday, February 6, 2009

Bring on the weekend!

Why am I so excited that tonight is Friday and it is now officially the weekend? I don't even work (yet)! I guess it's because I know I don't have to job search tomorrow, or Sunday - whooo hoooo.

Our lovely little dishwasher is acting up - every time we turn it on, no matter what the setting -the cleaning cube doesn't dissolve - I don't think it is releasing properly. Luckily it is still under warranty - just! The warranty was 2 years, which runs out in June!

So, today I headed into the city for interviews - I took this photo out the window of the ferry I was on of another ferry - not such a bad way to travel!!

And really NOT a bad way to end a journey with this view!

The interviews went well. I had two agency interviews, and one of them sent me on an actual job interview later that afternoon (after a lovely lunch with Helen). They wanted me for the job, but I didn't really want the job.... and things always work out the way they are supposed to don't they? Turns out they are moving offices to WAY too far away for me in May.... the only reason I was even considering this job was because of the possibility of working my way up in the company - so um nope - that's out. BUT the other agent is going to get me an interview next week. I don't want to talk about it & jinx anything, but it's great & I want it! Also I got another call this afternoon about a job I also would really like. SO hopefully something will happen soon - fingers crossed - FINALLY some jobs I am actually interested in! Maybe it really is true what all the agents have been telling me 'nothing happens in Sydney in December & January.' Whatever works - it is Feb now - so time to work!

Oh - and I got ahold of that agent who set up my 'non' call yesterday - he apologized a ton and said he would call the guy today and lock him down to a time range to call me next week.... we shall see!

I was so happy to get to the terminal and sit down and read while waiting for the 4pm ferry - what a long day (well, it felt like it anyhow - walking all around the city and telling four people how wonderful I am was exhausting!)

Tonight we went to see Gran Torino - WOW what a great movie! Only bad thing about the movies in the mall near us? No prices!!! When you go up to buy pop & popcorn - they have NO prices listed, at all. We had to ask the guy to go through any deals, prices, etc - gosh what a pain! Turns out they only do pop & popcorn deals when they relate to movie specials - so we decided on this Australia tin that was filled with popcorn - it was bizarre to walk out of a movie with a tin!

Now - bring on the weekend! They say tomorrow is due to be the hottest day yet - 33 here at the coast (around 96) and 42 inland Sydney (108f). Thank goodness we have the ocean breeze here! :)

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