Friday, February 20, 2009

Missing my baby

I hear from my parents that Minnie isn't doing very well, and every time I hear that I just want to sit and cry my eyes out. I wish I was there to pet her and comfort her right now, but I guess all I can do is know she is very loved and well cared for, she isn't in pain and I got to spend SO much great quality time with her last year - many many hours of belly rubs.


  1. Hi Monique! I just found your blog, looking under my "followers"! Surprised I haven't seen yours sooner! I just wanted to say hi and wish you and Minnie the very best. My husband and I just lost our beloved Casey about 10 weeks ago and it has been incredibly hard. I can imagine how much she means to you and I'm sure the distance is hard right now. I'll keep her in my thoughts. All the best!

  2. Sweet comments about Minnie. I always think of your graduation pictures that were taken the summer of your junior year of high school. You took Minnie, as a 9 week old puppy, to the photo shoot with you. We got that cute picture of the two of you together. She has been a good girl and had a long and good stretch of life living here on the lake. Day-at-a-time. Love you, Mom

  3. Sounds like you left a wonderful dog behind. I feel for you. We are moving to Sydney in less than two weeks and will leave our 10 yr old lab behind. It's heartbreaking. It sounds like your Minnie is being well cared for.