Friday, June 28, 2013

Rainy Rainy

The beginning of 'winter' has brought us lots of rainy days, but its hasn't been too cold.
Which means we still try to get out of the house at least once a day for a walk, even if that means bringing our umbrellas & rain boots :)

The sun was out earlier this week - so we went to a local park. The weather was gorgeous (about 18c, mid 60s f), so warm in the sun. We were thrilled to have the park to ourselves for awhile.

Genna sneaking towards the Galahs (a type of parrot) - she said 'I want to pet them.' I said go ahead and try :)

One funny story from this week. Genevieve found a shoe horn on the step that Murray has been using to get his new work shoes on in the morning. She said 'What's This?' When I told her, she put it up to her mouth and tried to 'blow the horn.' Lol - I explained no it's not a musical horn, it's for your shoes. So last night, when she was going upstairs with Murray she said 'Dadda - that is your horn shoe. I tried to blow it, but it not work.'

Sunday, June 23, 2013

More Misc

Cuddles with Dadda - they love watching Jamie Oliver cooking shows together

Sitting inside the train track to play - still little enough!

Look - I got a dog!Aussie style :)

Working on our letter of the week - I for Island
and for Ice Cream
A morning out with baby Harry was fun too!

Fun at the library on a cold day

Princess Genevieve

Thursday, June 20, 2013

School Picture 2013

(click on the photo to view it bigger)
Genevieve is sitting on the far right on the director Christine's lap. She was crying because it was all so strange that we were there on her day off to get the picture, all very confusing.

Still nice to have a picture of her class though.

The ladies in the back are her main teachers - from left - Sue, Jessica & Sarah. They are the BEST !! Such wonderful people. Like the other day when I picked up Genevieve, Sue told me that at lunch time Genna's friend Poppy spilled her milk and was upset and crying about it. Genna was upset that Poppy was sad, so she gave Poppy her Baba (bunny) to calm her down. So so sweet :) I love that her teachers come up to me when I arrive to pick her up, to tell me specific things about her day. They say she is 'always happy' and loves school!

Her 'best friends' according to her are Hetanshi who's sitting at the far left of the front row, and Poppy who is standing in the middle of the back row. She takes turn being 'best buds' with them and holds their hands while playing, etc. They have a GREAT time together :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

MISC Genna

The other day we were working on the letter G - so we made potato print Ghosts!

It worked really well!

Having fun outside, even though it's starting to get cool

Post cake at her friend Louisa's third birthday party

The ladies checking out the fun toys they got in the Pass the Parcel game

She said 'Look at this one, it's fantastic!' ha ha

Loving painting the leaves she collected in the playground at school (daycare)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Little Drummer Girl

She was hanging out in the garage with Dadda and set this up herself - FUN!

Friday, June 7, 2013


Happy to have Dadda home - morning head massage

Out walking her sausage dog

We enjoy going for a walk around the block - today she took her little bike and her dog

Next day we took the scooter - fun !

We also made it to a local school fair last weekend - this picture ended up a bit blurry - but Genna was THRILLED to go on an elephant ride with her friend Poppy :)
You are talking like CRAZY - we're constantly amazed by how well you speak and what you know!!

The other day Dadda did a huge lion yawn in the car and you said 'Dada, you're always tired' ha ha

In the bath the other night, you were singing a la la la song. I said what song is that? You said 'It's called, I love Mama.' Then you proceeded to sing over and over, in an opera like voice, I LOVE YOU MAMA. So so so sweet

This week we went to see baby Harry who is 3 months old. You loved seeing him, but commented on the home 'I sad baby Harry didn't go on the slide with me!'

Last night when you were in the bath I went to pull the plug out and you said 'Mama your sleeve getting wet! Roll them up!' Such a smart lady

The other day when Dadda wasn't feeling very well you went up to him and touched his face and said 'Dada, how you feeling? You ok?' ahhhhhhhh

This morning you commented 'Lots of traffic!' I agree! ha ha :)