Friday, June 7, 2013


Happy to have Dadda home - morning head massage

Out walking her sausage dog

We enjoy going for a walk around the block - today she took her little bike and her dog

Next day we took the scooter - fun !

We also made it to a local school fair last weekend - this picture ended up a bit blurry - but Genna was THRILLED to go on an elephant ride with her friend Poppy :)
You are talking like CRAZY - we're constantly amazed by how well you speak and what you know!!

The other day Dadda did a huge lion yawn in the car and you said 'Dada, you're always tired' ha ha

In the bath the other night, you were singing a la la la song. I said what song is that? You said 'It's called, I love Mama.' Then you proceeded to sing over and over, in an opera like voice, I LOVE YOU MAMA. So so so sweet

This week we went to see baby Harry who is 3 months old. You loved seeing him, but commented on the home 'I sad baby Harry didn't go on the slide with me!'

Last night when you were in the bath I went to pull the plug out and you said 'Mama your sleeve getting wet! Roll them up!' Such a smart lady

The other day when Dadda wasn't feeling very well you went up to him and touched his face and said 'Dada, how you feeling? You ok?' ahhhhhhhh

This morning you commented 'Lots of traffic!' I agree! ha ha :)


  1. Loved hearing details of all the sweet comments our dear Genevieve had to say. She is so smart!Counting down the days until we get to see her again!!! XXOO
    Love, Grandpa and Grandma

  2. Wonderful blog!!! Here's hoping you get the opera "I Love You Mama" song on video!!!
    Love you all,

  3. Genna's really starting to look like her mama.