Thursday, June 20, 2013

School Picture 2013

(click on the photo to view it bigger)
Genevieve is sitting on the far right on the director Christine's lap. She was crying because it was all so strange that we were there on her day off to get the picture, all very confusing.

Still nice to have a picture of her class though.

The ladies in the back are her main teachers - from left - Sue, Jessica & Sarah. They are the BEST !! Such wonderful people. Like the other day when I picked up Genevieve, Sue told me that at lunch time Genna's friend Poppy spilled her milk and was upset and crying about it. Genna was upset that Poppy was sad, so she gave Poppy her Baba (bunny) to calm her down. So so sweet :) I love that her teachers come up to me when I arrive to pick her up, to tell me specific things about her day. They say she is 'always happy' and loves school!

Her 'best friends' according to her are Hetanshi who's sitting at the far left of the front row, and Poppy who is standing in the middle of the back row. She takes turn being 'best buds' with them and holds their hands while playing, etc. They have a GREAT time together :)


  1. So sweet. The moments when your child shows compassion to other people are so precious, it tells you that you are doing something right with them :).
    Great that she is enjoying school so much, N gets really sad on days when he doesn't go to school, makes me feel at peace that he is in good hands there.

  2. That school picture is beyond precious!! I would suggest to write all their names on the back and date it before you forget!! Ya never know when it may come back in the future! This absolutely made my day, reading about your sweet, loving little Genna. Thanks!!
    Love and miss you's,
    Great Auntie Jani