Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A nice week

Saturday we stopped at the bakery on the way to Manly to pick up a few things, and you picked out a gingerbread cookie

Later you also enjoyed a baby chino - fun to have some treats :)

Yummmmmm (just frothed milk with a chocolate powder sprinkled on top)

mixing mixing

and the last sip! yummy

and playing 'neigh' with aunty Helen

Such a Pretty girl :) You LOVE this lady bug top (I refuse to say lady bird like they say here - it's a bug! but yes I agree, they do fly like a bird :)

Waiting for the guests to arrive to our 'tea party' on Sunday

TOUCH! I loaded a new game called 'hatch' where if she touches the egg a few time it hatches

oh WOW what is it?

Half way through the party - MANY cakes eaten - but MANY still to go! (everyone brought something)

The tea selection plate -only a few left (there were MANY MANY flavors).
Everyone sampled quite a few which was fun!

How bad are we though? Helen and I were SO busy chatting to people (and eating cakes) that we forgot to take any other photos!!! Oh well, it was a lovely day - 9 people came & lots of babies and LOTS of amazing baked goods. The only person who didn't have a great time was Genna. She was NOT happy about people touching her toys.... and spent most of the afternoon sitting on her sofa, with Amelia nearby, just watching everyone.

However once everyone left......
She jumped into the ball pit
and had a BLAST
We were pulling her around the house with her lying in the pool like this - SO SO fun

This week we got a few packages - she opened the box and said WOW then immediately started cuddling her new puppy bag (Thank You Denise!)


She now has to have her new puppy as well as baba with her when she goes to bed. She hugs them both to her chest - so sweet!

Oh and some fun new clothes - check out how she put 2 pairs of shorts on! (Thanks Grandma & Grandpa!)

Princess Genevieve (and her new bookshelf - assembled by Mama)

and in her cool new Minnesota hat!

oh I LOVE being able to see all my books now!

Bunny in the hat - cute

Last week, on our day off (Wednesdays), we started swimming lessons again. It was the BEST decision. You absolutely LOVE swimming - you have this HUGE smile on your face the entire time. We do all sorts of fun activities, and you especially love the last bit where they have a big long mat that everyone is along side of, and one by one the instructor places you on top of the mat standing, and Mama waits on the other side so you can run to me and leap into the water. You love it because everyone cheers your name saying 'GO Genevieve.' It's SO much fun!!

Yesterday, in the afternoon, after swimming and a nap - we thought some painting would be fun!

bubble bubble bubble (is what you said while doing this)

I only showed you how to do this roller brush once, then you were ALL over it! (notice the 'concentration tongue')

and some Finger painting!!! Messy and FUN!

Paint paint paint (warning - this is a Long video!)

Also, I just need to brag, that you can count to 10!!!
It's amazing - you are such a smarty pants :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Busy Busy

Dada went away on a business trip last weekend - so we headed out for some fun activities to keep us distracted from missing him so much!
Baby chino at the mall - you LOVE these - SO fun!

And a fun trip to Taronga Zoo - ohhhh koalas

Look at the koalas Helen!

and a giraffe! (I think this is really the first time to the zoo that you have understood what you are looking at - you were SO excited)

and elephants!

WOW! There was 3 baby elephants too

And a bunny to pet in the kids section

And a blue tongue lizard - ewwww (you were happy to just watch and not touch!)

After the zoo we went to Manly and had a special treat - ice cream

Cold - but yummy

I LOVE it Mama!

All dressed up for St. Patrick's Day!

Just one minute while I finish my granola bar :)

Happy happy lady

Breakfast in my Vikings shirt

Singing one of her new favorite songs....

The Wheels on the Bus !

The wipers go - swish - swish - swish

After work/daycare one day we decided chalk outside would be fun!

Look - I even colored my face!

Ohhhhh I LIKE Mama's new iphone!

Hello Dada - I miss you!

This week you have started saying 'mine' - oh dear.....
Sometimes you will clutch something to your chest and say it over and over.

The other morning your were NOT happy when I woke you up. You were waving your arm at me with an open palm saying 'NO - STOP' then 'NO - SUN' when I turned on the light. I knew you meant it was too bright from the light, so I turned it off. But I kept talking to you - saying we had to get up and get going. You just kept saying NO STOP, so eventually I started saying YES GO. After I said it a few times you got so mad at me you cried - opps! This morning was lovely though. You woke up half an hour early and starting yelling MAMA, I went into your room and you reached up and said 'CUDDLE' I asked you if you wanted to come and cuddle in my bed for a few minutes and you said 'YES - BED.' So so so sweet :)

As of this week you LOVE broccoli, you say 'Bock Lee' , I was so happy about it that I took a video :)

Sing sing sing - you are LOVING singing this week! Your songs are Mary had a little lamb, Twinkle Twinkle, Happy Birthday, and the Wheels on the Bus :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

20 Months

Dear Genevieve,
This month you turned 20 months old! Gosh how you have grown. You are talking up a storm and SUCH a loving kind little girl. And gosh are you funny!!

We went to the park this weekend after doing some grocery shopping. We found a GREAT one that has a lot of equipment just your size and you LOVED it – going up and down the slide over & over. At one point a huge flock of cockatoos flew over squawking (which sounds like children screaming – awful noise) – you ran to the gate and pointed at them with one finger and yelled ‘Hey Stop – No More’ over and over – it was SO funny & cute :)

You LOVE diving over the back of your sofa

Ahhhh that was FUN!

Align CenterYesterday you decided you didn't want to sit in your high chair and instead wanted to sit with me :)

This weekend was GORGEOUS so we went in the pool too - fun! You like to stand on the top step and climb in and out of the pool, and Sometimes you like to come for a swim with me or Dada.

Your bug bike - fun!

Your vocabulary is just growing and growing. Last night you said octopus!! I was amazed!

You also now understand that 'Dada' goes to 'work' on the 'bus.' When see a bus go by outside you yell 'Dada - bus!'

You also now understand the word house. When I pick you up from daycare you say 'Mama - go - house.' Telling me you are ready to go home.

You also now know the word Eat - and you usually tell me what you want too - cracker, cookie, apple (meaning apple sauce), pasta, peas, etc etc. Its nice that you can say and understand SO much.

Chalk is a BIG hit right now too - ohhhh look - I can color my legs too - pretty!

Ok - your turn Mama!

You love to 'hide' your 'animals' and say 'Are You Baba?' 'Go?' (as in - where are you Baba? Where did you go?). So sweet.

You LOVE to play 'neigh' (horse) with Dada too - such fun

This is you pretending to ride a 'choo choo' (train) while watching Chugginton the train on tv.

Your FAVORITE thing to say lately is 'Come' while using your hand to gesture that we MUST come and join you. Very sweet as you say it over and over until we come and join you in whatever activity you have in mind:)

And I find it hilarious how 'aussie' you sound when you say car. It sounds like 'kah'.

You also have learnt how to sing Happy Birthday from your singing ‘woof woof’ Violet and your singing birthday cake. So on my birthday, in the car, I was encouraging you to sing ‘Happy Birthday to Mama’. Two days later, while waking up from a nap you had me wait until you were ready to get up by putting your hand out and saying 'touch', then pointing to the chair and saying ‘sit’. Which means don’t touch me yet – go sit on that chair and wait. So I complied, and you laid back down and started singing ‘Hap Birt Day Mama’ over and over – soooooooooooo precious!

My yummy cake

SO nice!!! Thanks to everyone for the great gifts too :)

Chatty Lady

Tonight we decided to do some chalk drawing out front before bedtime

It was fun to make a mess!

I propped this suitcase up today so you could see our neighbor mowing his lawn. You watched intently and kept yelling HI and waving:)

I love you muffin. You are so sweet and just a joy to be around. Dada and I especially love how you like to run up and spontaneously give us kisses and cuddles now too - melts my heart :)