Friday, March 23, 2012

Busy Busy

Dada went away on a business trip last weekend - so we headed out for some fun activities to keep us distracted from missing him so much!
Baby chino at the mall - you LOVE these - SO fun!

And a fun trip to Taronga Zoo - ohhhh koalas

Look at the koalas Helen!

and a giraffe! (I think this is really the first time to the zoo that you have understood what you are looking at - you were SO excited)

and elephants!

WOW! There was 3 baby elephants too

And a bunny to pet in the kids section

And a blue tongue lizard - ewwww (you were happy to just watch and not touch!)

After the zoo we went to Manly and had a special treat - ice cream

Cold - but yummy

I LOVE it Mama!

All dressed up for St. Patrick's Day!

Just one minute while I finish my granola bar :)

Happy happy lady

Breakfast in my Vikings shirt

Singing one of her new favorite songs....

The Wheels on the Bus !

The wipers go - swish - swish - swish

After work/daycare one day we decided chalk outside would be fun!

Look - I even colored my face!

Ohhhhh I LIKE Mama's new iphone!

Hello Dada - I miss you!

This week you have started saying 'mine' - oh dear.....
Sometimes you will clutch something to your chest and say it over and over.

The other morning your were NOT happy when I woke you up. You were waving your arm at me with an open palm saying 'NO - STOP' then 'NO - SUN' when I turned on the light. I knew you meant it was too bright from the light, so I turned it off. But I kept talking to you - saying we had to get up and get going. You just kept saying NO STOP, so eventually I started saying YES GO. After I said it a few times you got so mad at me you cried - opps! This morning was lovely though. You woke up half an hour early and starting yelling MAMA, I went into your room and you reached up and said 'CUDDLE' I asked you if you wanted to come and cuddle in my bed for a few minutes and you said 'YES - BED.' So so so sweet :)

As of this week you LOVE broccoli, you say 'Bock Lee' , I was so happy about it that I took a video :)

Sing sing sing - you are LOVING singing this week! Your songs are Mary had a little lamb, Twinkle Twinkle, Happy Birthday, and the Wheels on the Bus :)

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  1. You are our twinkle,twinkle little star- love hearing you sing, dear Genevieve. Hope you had lots of fun with your friends at your tea party this weekend. Also, bet you love having Auntie Helen staying with you,too. What fun!
    Love, Grandma and Grandpa