Monday, January 31, 2011

Grandma's visit

She just LOVES her tongue lately

Hanging out happy in the carseat with Grandma entertaining

In the waiting room to see the pediatrician

Down in the lobby at the hospital where Genna was born :)

She's very interested in everything I do these days

All tuckered out

Out to lunch!

Yummy new ring toy from Grandma!

First time eating out

Her new super cute book!!

The gorgeous new book Grandma brought for Genna

Oh Hello Mommy!

Cuddles with Grandma

Australia Day - down at the beach

lunch time


3 generations

Genevieve & Grandma Debi

Aunty Helen is so funny :)

It was such a busy busy day down in Manly!!!

Harley girl with her aunty

She loved grabbing onto Grandma's hat!

And her first love - Sophie!


Reading books with Clara & Amelia

Genna in her super cute hat from Grandma

Reading, reading

She loves her stroller

Out for lunch again!

Genna had pureed veggies, fed to her by Grandma, and Mommy had a laksa - yummmm!

A lovely lunch out

SUCH a happy girl - she had SUCH a wonderful wonderful time with her Grandma. We miss her so much already, but gosh - so many awesome memories :)

Genna showing off how she 'chats'

Her new favorite toy - a monkey stacker from Grandma

Showing how she turns the pages like a big girl!

Jump jump jump - she just LOVES her jumper!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Swim Lessons - week 1 (January 21st) - trying out the floaty arm bands - she wasn't a fan

The group

Cassie, Lennox, Me & Genna

Going through the tunnel

Fun with a floating toy

A few days later we went to the neighborhood pool

Splashing with Grandma

Us saying hello to Lennox, Cassie, Rory & Olivia

We love the pool! Especially when she gets a bit of airing out time 'nappy (diaper) free' afterwards!

On the way to the car for the second week of swim lessons


she loves her Grandma!

Pretty pretty in her suit from Aunty Helen

already more relaxed for week 2!

splash, splash, splash

she loves when they hand out the toy fish towards the end of the lesson

I think it was scarier for her than me, but she went underwater for the first time today!! The instructor took her and gently put her under so when she popped up the first thing she saw was me. She was fine! No crying, just spluttered a bit then was happy. Such a brave girl :)