Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Week 28

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 28 weeks old!

You started eating baby porridge (oats) this week 'hey Mom - no more photos!'

And you tried avocado for the first time - yumm yumm! You have also started sticking as many fingers as you can into your mouth when you take a bite - to push it it faster perhaps?

This week you also have started to figure out how to sleep on your stomach which is a good thing since then you don't cry out all night asking for help to flip onto your back. You also once and awhile flip back over all by yourself.

You are growing so quickly we have to hurry to get photos of you in all of your outfits!!!

I bought you this outfit one day on a work break, you are our cute little Aussie :)

You have started to started to anticipate - smiling when we come at you for a tickle or peek a boo

And all of the sudden you have started smiling with these huge wide happy smiles - your smile has actually changed - your grin has gotten wider!! I LOVE it :)

You also have started have started turning the pages of books yourself! Only using your left hand though, so smart!

Thanks to Grandma's fun new gift you have also learned how to jump this week :)

Lots of Love,


  1. Thank you for making my day! What a fun video and even more fun is hearing Grandma Debi in the background with her contagious laughter! You girls must be having so much fun together~~Deb, just so you appreciate your time even may hit -20 on Friday, in the countryside! Soak up the sun & warmth for the rest of us. Brrrrrr!
    Love, Sue

  2. I agree - hearing Deb in the background is a hoot! Bet you're all having a blast!
    And my theory about the new smile (which is hilarious, by the way) is that Genna's practicing showing off the pearly whites that are on their way!!
    Love ya, Joni