Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Eve

We celebrated New Years Eve at Taronga Zoo with Matt & Steph

We also REALLY enjoyed Steph's amazing guacamole

Our view of the harbour from the zoo - lovely

Even though it was past Genna's bedtime, she had a good time playing on our picnic blanket

SUCH a happy girl

even after being hours & hours up past her bedtime and refusing to nap!!

attacking Sophie

Genna having a bit of dinner under my lovely 'bubba cova' (feeding apron)

Me with Genna in the stroller after FINALLY laying down for a nap. She wouldn't go DOWN in the stroller, but she did eventually pass out face down on my shoulder then I was able to lay her down for a sleep.

The 9pm family fireworks - little miss looked QUITE scared. So after this photo Murray took her away from the overwhelming view.


Cuddling with Mama as the night went on!

We had a slug infestation on our picnic blankets - Murray even smushed one with his hand - ewwww!

Our little lady did really well. She was up MUCH later than we'd like, but she slept on the way home and over a couple of days caught up on sleep and got back to normal. Such a good good little pumpkin:) It was great to welcome 2011 with good friends in a cool venue like the zoo! (p.s. the monkeys did NOT like the fireworks - they were screaming like crazy!)


  1. Thanks for sharing your New Year with us! We look forward to checking the blog to see what is new in your lives. Love and best wishes for the upcoming year!

    Grandpa John and Grandma Debi

  2. Taronga? That IS cool! Glad you had some nice weather for it too. Genna looks like the happiest baby ever!