Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Week 29

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 29 weeks old!
You are getting so strong! This week you have started rolling over a few times in a row!

You have started to look like you are 'chewing' your food this week, which is funny since it's all still pureed :)

You love a good mix for dinner - this one was zucchini, peas, pumpkin & carrot with pear & peaches for dessert :)

And you roll over SO easily now - fun fun! You also now can 'walk' when we hold your hands and you are standing on a hard surface. You pick your legs up and move them forward!

This is also the first week you successfully ate out! You had lunch at the mall twice, and thankfully it wasn't too too messy :) We noticed you smiling while you were eating and saw you were looking at people across the room who were smiling at you - cute.

You certainly are Mummy's Little Pudding :)


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  1. ...oh bring us some Genna pudding...oh bring us some Genna pudding...