Thursday, January 27, 2011


Swim Lessons - week 1 (January 21st) - trying out the floaty arm bands - she wasn't a fan

The group

Cassie, Lennox, Me & Genna

Going through the tunnel

Fun with a floating toy

A few days later we went to the neighborhood pool

Splashing with Grandma

Us saying hello to Lennox, Cassie, Rory & Olivia

We love the pool! Especially when she gets a bit of airing out time 'nappy (diaper) free' afterwards!

On the way to the car for the second week of swim lessons


she loves her Grandma!

Pretty pretty in her suit from Aunty Helen

already more relaxed for week 2!

splash, splash, splash

she loves when they hand out the toy fish towards the end of the lesson

I think it was scarier for her than me, but she went underwater for the first time today!! The instructor took her and gently put her under so when she popped up the first thing she saw was me. She was fine! No crying, just spluttered a bit then was happy. Such a brave girl :)


  1. BTW: Nice haircut!!!
    Love, Joni

  2. I keep watching the videos over and over again. Such a great idea to get babies used to water early. It was so much fun filming the lessons. Now Helen will have to capture the under water photos, as I got so shocked that I stopped recording at that minute. Thanks for the memories.
    Love, Grandma