Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Week 27

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 27 weeks old
Your first tooth is still coming through and it has been quite sore for you, but you don't complain too much. Having your 6 month immunizations this week didn't help either:( Wow you recovered well though, I picked you up as soon as the shots were complete and gave you a cuddle and you calmed down within seconds!

You still are loving rolling, and still will only go to the right!

I think our k-bear photos will have to be like this now - I just can't get you to lay on your back anymore - it's all roll roll roll!

You have so many cute outfits that still fit your body so well - but they are SO tight around your chubby little legs that I can barely button them - bummer!

You also are supporting weight on your legs more & more (I have you leaning against the sofa here). No matter how upset you are, if I stand you up in my arms you give me a HUGE smile.

I also love how much you like to 'talk' to me now. You grab onto my face, look right into my eyes and babble - we just go back and forth talk talk talking - so cute.

I also love how when you are drinking you will stop, look up at me and smile and I say 'Genna, are you finished' and you give me a oh yea look and quickly whip your head back to keep eating :)
This weekend we also went to the pool for the first time with Daddy! You had a lot of fun :)


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