Sunday, January 2, 2011


Last week Helen & I took Genna to the pool. It was actually Genna's second time to the pool, but last time she just sort of floated in my arms and didn't really seem to enjoy it.So this time we started off in the super shallow baby pool - first just taking a look at the water

Then a little sit on my lap (those are her 'I'm feeling unsure about this' fists)

Moving on to touching my hands while I showed her how to splash.

Ohhhh she's starting to have fun!

Water on her face from her own wild splashing

Trying to grab the bubbles

In the bigger toddler pool

The hat is necessary in the hot Australian sun!

You can see her legs movement here - she was kicking around like crazy - so fun!

She's ALL about tags lately - yumm yummm

Hello! I had so much fun swimming in my new spf 50 suit from Nanna!

Drying off in her cute terry towel jacket

She LOVES to sit!!

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  1. Very fun to see these swimming pool videos. What a great resource for the community. Looking forward to seeing Genna in the pool myself. Here's to 2011...can't wait to see you.
    Love, Granmda Debi