Thursday, December 30, 2010

Genna's First Christmas

In lieu of a 25 week post, I am going to do a HUGE Genna's first Christmas post :)

Christmas Eve Daddy got home early from work and we hit the beach!

You & Daddy in the water - SUCH a gorgeous day

We had gone down to the Corso to see the camels! The local church had them for their nativity scene - pretty cool!!

On Christmas morning you woke at 6am - an hour earlier than usual - I think you were excited for Santa!

You loved the paper!

Checking our your cool new flower toy in your bonnet :)

Not only do you like to read books, you also like to eat them!

And paper of course!

Nanna & Granddad had this gorgeous stocking waiting for you when we arrived on Christmas Day

And the Christmas cake this year was dedicated to you (not only did it look gorgeous it was also yummy!!!)

Gift opening started with kisses from Mommy

Pretty girl in your Winnie the Pooh 'My Beary First Christmas' dress from Uncle Marcus

So cute

Hey is this beard real?

Santa's candy cane does NOT taste good!

Not TOO bad though!

Stocking time!

More yummy paper

Such a happy happy girl on her first Christmas :)

Tasting Santa's shoe - the BIG news was you sat for the first time unaided on Christmas Day!! very exciting

Two pretty swim outfits - exciting!

Your very first latte

And a fun fun new ball!

you LOVE your new backpack - too cool

And you are READY for the beach in your new flip flops!

What ARE these things on my feet?

ribbon was quite exciting too

you love the noise wrapping paper makes

and the way it tastes!

Attempting to pull your new dolly's hair!

Happy Girl

Genna with her special cake

Dance dance dance

Another gorgeous xmas outfit

Hey - let me tell you a secret

Christmas dinner in my cute baby's first Christmas bib

Ohhhhh these look good enough to eat!

I think I will!

Christmas Tummy Time

You do LOVE your cups!

Standing with Daddy in your new t-shirt

Giggles with Nanna

And having a chat with Granddad

Big blue eyes after your bath

Back home you took some time to play with your fun new toy


  1. LOVE the baby Havianas!!!! She's seriously one of the happiest babies in blogland :) Happy New Year!

  2. Merry First Christmas, Genna! LOVE all the smiles and outfits and videos and squeals and... :o)
    Love, Joni