Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I was one of the lucky ones to win tickets to see the Oprah show in Sydney (only 12,000 of the 375,000 who applied got tickets!)

We went to the morning taping (she did a morning & evening show) - the place was PACKED! Such an amazing stage - gorgeous!

Helen & Me

Everyone was VERY excited when Oprah arrived (she's that person in the orange dress right in the middle of the photo)

Russell Crowe was the first guest - he was pretty interesting!

Gorgeous view (on the screen) of where we were - we sat on the steps of the Sydney Opera house to watch the show on the specially built stage

Jay Z was another guest (really not charismatic!)

Oprah was so wonderful - she really has an amazing stage presence

Bindi Irwin with a massive snake & Oprah - they had a tribute to Steve - very sad

Bindi's little brother Robert and his own snake

Jon Bon Jovi with Oprah

They rocked out with 'It's my Life' and 'Living on a Prayer' - it was awesome

All in all a very fun morning! We also were given a voucher for a pearl necklace with an O on the chain engraved with 'Oprah - the farewell season' - it looks really pretty. I'm so thrilled I was able to be part of such a big event :) (and thanks to Helen for taking all these pics on her phone as we weren't allowed to bring cameras)

Also Oprah had on stage this guy who is fighting cancer and made that gorgeous birthday video with his wife. They got $250,000 so that they could spend some quality family time together - so lovely - had me in tears. The video he made was really amazing too (see the link above)

Here's the official story of the morning :)

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  1. How wonderful for Helen and you to go to Oprah's show at the Opera House. A wonderful outing and it looked like a lovely day, too.
    Glad everything turned out to be so fun and it's great to have that pearl necklace as a remembrance of that special day. Denise has been trying to get tickets to Oprah for years! Love, Grandma Debi