Monday, December 13, 2010

Week 23

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 23 weeks old
You are happier than ever - which I didn't think was even possible as you have always been a happy baby - but you laugh and smile SO much now - we just LOVE it!

You are still loving food. You don't eat a whole lot yet (usually just one frozen ice cube size 'meal' plus rice cereal & milk for each meal of the day - a bit more for dinner)

You have liked everything so far. Now we are up to Apple, Pear, Carrot and we just started zucchini. I was shocked that you LOVED zucchini - you didn't even screw your face up at it - you just grabbed the spoon from me so you could have more!

But a good mix of rice cereal plus some veg or fruit is your favorite - yummm yummmm

This outfit couldn't describe you better!

You have figured out that when we come to undo the harness on your stroller or carseat it means you get to come out - so you arch your back in preparation!

As of this week you also have started pinching/scratching with your nails a LOT - on me, on the sofa (fun noise!) your toys, etc. I think you are just discovering how to use your fingers better. I keep your nails SO short - but you still manage to scratch me and Daddy and yourself!

I took this video because you were laughing and smiling at me like crazy, of course one I started recording you mostly stopped - but I still think it's cute



  1. Cute,cute, cute~great to see all of those darling cotton summer outfits from the baby shower being put to good use. Genevieve is such a little fashion model...even bedecked in pears. : ) You are indeed blessed to have such a happy baby girl.

    Love, Grandma Debi

  2. One word..........ADORABLE!!
    Great Aunt Jani
    P.S. I love how she does the "Oh, the camera's on?? Let's see...what are these little specks on the couch......"

  3. Aw! Cute. look at those cheeks.