Friday, December 3, 2010

Santa is Coming to Town

I just can't hold on any longer - I HAD to post this photo

Genna & Santa :)Align Center
She doesn't look thrilled - but at least she's not crying!
When the photo was over he 'ho ho hoed' at her and she looked up and started to cry!

(click on the photo to view a larger version)


  1. Genevieve looks so darling in her Christmas outfit. Santa is enough to scare anyone; lucky she didn't cry until after the photo session was over. I love that they have the date on Santa's chair. XXOO Grandma Deb

  2. She looks very apprehensive.....not quite sure what to think.....
    I love the white and red striped socks!! Like a little Lollipop Guilder!!
    Great Aunt Jani