Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Week 21

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 21 weeks old!
You are grabbing Everything now! You especially love to grab and yank my hair! It's like a fun new toy!

You are laughing and smiling a LOT these days. When we talk to you, when you look at your toys, and you especially love to laugh when we kiss your neck - it must tickle!

Most evenings now when you are starting to get tired, but it's not yet time for a bath, we regularly wind down by laying on Mommy & Daddy's bed and looking out the window at the trees while you hold your feet - very relaxing - you love it!

This star sign outfit looks so cute on you :)

You LOVE music - we have started dancing around the flat while I sing songs to you (fun ones like Summer Lovin' from Grease:) and you laugh and smile

You are also getting SO much better about riding in your car seat. You go in happily, and cry out briefly once I shut the door and you can't see us, but as soon as we start to sing you immediately calm down and ride happily :)

You have started sleeping unwrapped during the day and you are doing really well at starting to self settle! I also have found little fine baby hairs all over your sheet!! You are losing your baby hair and your new hair has started to grow already - it looks blonde to me! We can't wait to see what you will look like when your hair grows out!

Daddy took this photo of you to try to capture your beautiful eye color - we wonder if it will change over time?

You really LOVE tummy time now, you love to read, you love to play and you love to just watch what is going on! Here you are watching me sort out receipts in my wallet.

You also love walking with Daddy. Here you are holding on during a walk around the mall - so sweet!

Here is the new thing you learned this week all on your own - I think it's hilarious!

Lots of Love,


  1. Gma Sis and I are (again) watching the bbblllttt video over and over!! Laughing our heads off!! Thanks for starting our day out with some fun!
    Love, Joni

  2. How wonderfully adorable!! I love how her little tongue sticks out kinda crooked out of the right side of her mouth! Whatta smart girl!!
    Great Aunt Jani

  3. She is just the happiest baby!! SO cute!