Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Since I couldn't source canned pumpkin here (I admit it - it's easier after all!!) - I resorted to making pumpkin pie from scratch. First step - cook the pumpkin

Post cooking and food processing - all smooth and ready to be mixed up!

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the nicest looking pies (this one got a bit bubbly looking) but wow did they taste nice! I made a ginger cookie base and I think everyone enjoyed it :)

Yummm I loved whipped cream - it really makes this pie!

I also made a 'stuffing loaf' to go on our turkey sandwiches (because our picnic was at the beach we couldn't have anything hot). I added pine nuts, crushed up walnuts, and dried cranberries and it was SO yummy!

Getting ready for the day! Genna still in her pjs and Mommy arranging stuff on the phone!

All set up at the beach - Me, Murray & Chris
Me, Helen & Murray

The awesome turkey napkins & plates my Mom sent from the states - SO perfect for our Thanksgiving beach picnic!!

Happy girl in her stroller

Me, Genna, Hamish & Lennox

Zephyr showing off his turkey hat over his sun hat (pink is his favorite color :)

Cassie & Lennox

Zephyr & Helen in their turkey hats - it was SUCH a gorgeous day!

Laura, Me & Genna

Gotta love those hats - SO cute! (thanks for sending them Mom!!)

Zephyr showing off the Thanksgiving color themed cupcakes Helen brought !

Genna happy with Daddy!

Someone has recently found her thumb!

And sometimes fingers - very cute :)

Anna & Me, Genna decided she didn't want to look!

Lennox, Helen, Zephyr & Hamish - loving those hats!

Cutie pie

Yummm water bottle

Anna & Genna

The cool beers Laura & Mike brought - love the names!!

We had around 18 people come in all (+kids) - a very fun Thanksgiving Picnic :)

What is this big weird thing around my neck?

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  1. What a cool way to celebrate T-giving!! Much prefer your attire to the 4 layers I had on! :)

  2. Great to see photos of your group out on the beach having a wonderful time for Thanksgiving in Australia! Genevieve looked darling,as usual. : ) We all missed your family as we gathered about the table, but you are in our hearts and always will be; no matter where or how we celebrate the holidays. Love, Grandma Debi