Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Week 20

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 20 weeks old!
It's nearly impossible to get a photo of you smiling with the blocks now because all you want to do is play with them!!

Your new favorite thing this week is to grab the skin on my neck while I'm carrying you and pull and pinch as hard as you can - hurts me - but makes you smile - ha!

You are working on sitting on your own - but sometimes you just lose your balance!

Gosh you love your feet. You just figured out how to grab them in the bath (because it's a funny reclined angle) and you stuck your toe in your mouth for the first time on your 20 week birthday while skyping with Grandma!

I often carry you around like this now - as you love to hold onto a foot while being carried! You also love to push out from me with your super strong arms (from lots of tummy time) and pull your knees up under you - sure looks funny for me to carry you around like that! You are getting super strong at tummy time too - you just spin around on your own now and can entertain yourself a bit with a few toys!

Not a happy face here, but it does show how long your legs are getting!!

Gosh you are growing so quickly - I love seeing how you change day by day.


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  1. Really fun to see how flexible that little darling is. And...yes, I sure do remember seeing Genevieve suck on her toes that day. Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving picnic with your friends this week,too. Looking forward to seeing Genevieve in her turkey hat and bib.

    It was also fun to see Murray on those paddle boards in the pictures. Have you tried it or do you have any interest in trying it? Love you. Grandma Debi XXOO