Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Week 18

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 18 weeks old!

You are nearly sitting up on your own now - although if you aren't supported by something you topple over eventually :)

As of this week you have also REALLY started to love tummy time. You do 30+ minutes each time you wake from a nap, and as long as you have lots of toys to entertain you you LOVE it! By placing the stacking cups just out of your reach I can get you to scoot around in a circle little by little on your tummy - you are just getting SO strong!

We are madly trying to fit in a bunch of your cute outfits from America because they are TIGHT around your thighs - even though they are 6 month size! I love your chunky legs though!

You have started getting really good at grabbing things - you no longer have your hands all balled up like a newborn! You can lean over and grab toys that are within reach and in the bath you reach your hands out to me to give you a toy to suck on:) You are so busy sucking on bath toys though that you forget to kick now! You are also learning how to close your eyes when I say 'weeeeeeee' and pour a little water over your head - I'm just getting you ready for swimming lessons by doing this!

I showed you twice this week how to grab your toes (as you love having your feet straight up in the air when you are on your back) and now you do it ALL the time - so so so cute! Anna said this is called the 'baby pose' in yoga - ha ha - well you have mastered it!

After a week of bad sleeps - you going to bed REALLY late because we couldn't get you settled and then a night of constant wakeups we decided it was time to teach you how to settle in your crib. Up until now I have fed you to sleep and I don't regret a moment of it. It was a really really special time for you and me, and I only am stopping that now because it just wasn't working anymore. You are SO smart and picked up how to settle down in your crib really quickly - we were thrilled and it means you are resting better in the day now too - hooray!

another wonderful week with my special girl

Lots of Love,

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  1. She is growing so fast and learning so much,
    it is so fantastic-Thank goodness for the Blog. I watch and look at the blog at least twice a day, what joy. Love and more hugs. Great Gram.