Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fun with Friends

Yesterday Genevieve and I spent a lovely day with my friend Kathryn and her little girl Isla
It looks like Genna is trying to poke Isla in the eye (her new favorite thing to do - she regularly gets Daddy square in the eye!) and Isla is going for Genna's foot!

Ahhhh I just love it when they hold hands :)

Show Off! Genna showing how she can hold hands AND hold her foot

Long girls! Gosh they are growing so quickly!
(Isla is 5 days older than Genna - I met Kathryn in the childbirth classes we took at the hospital - we had the same OB)

Check my cute cute shoes!

oh WOW what are those things on my feet?

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  1. Genevieve and Isla are cute as can be! How about some photos of the Mothers, too? Glad to hear that you ladies had a great visit.