Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Fab Weekend

SUCH a lovely weekend
We went out to see Steve & Selina & their girls and Genna got to try out her new car seat!

It's nice and comfy for her and oh so safe!

Genna having a cuddle with Amelia

Amelia & Clara both loved playing with her - they are such sweet girls

Busy busy at Manly as the weekend weather was SO gorgeous

We had a lovely meal with Cassie & Hamish and the little ones had a chance to 'play' together

Lennox & Genevieve

Oh Hello Lennox!

Ahhhhh holding hand - so sweet :)

Flying Zephyr down by the beach

after dinner Murray & Hamish went out on Hamish's stand up paddle boards

Hamish & Zephyr padding around

Murray didn't fall once! Not bad for his first time :)

Someone was VERY happy to be carried by Daddy :)

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