Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bring on Summer!

Our & about in our stroller with the seat for the first time!

She loves sitting & looking around - but once she gets sleepy I just lower the back and then she can lay flat to sleep! I love that it has this spf sun cover as well!! Lets in the fresh air and keeps out the sun!

My view down at her - oh so comfy :)

Today at the beach - with sun on her only for the photo! Today we were all about the shade cause it was hot!

at mothers group - Genna playing with her friends Charlotte & Marcus

and a shot for you Minnesota Grandma - sunflower girl :)

Cutie Pie


  1. That sunflower dress - SO cute!! She looks like she's ready for an Anne Geddes shoot! :)

  2. I LOVE here sunflower outfit!

  3. Of course I like "The Sunflower Girl" the best!! Sue does remind me of Grandpa Clayton and his sunflowers bordering his vegetable gardens. Wish he could see how darling Genevieve is; second thought, he's been watching all the time. : )
    Love, Grandma Debi,or the Minnesota Grandma