Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

Carving a pumpkin with Dadda

Jack-O-Lantern !

I love it!

We did it together :)

It doesn't get dark until after her bedtime - so we brought it inside to see how it glows!

I'm tired of pictures! Posing, kind of, with Jack-O-Lantern #2. The first one rotted after a few days from the hot weather :(

LOVING her new super pretty dress Joni made :)

Dressed up the day before Halloween for gymnastics - as Rapunzel - with a crown!

Her outfit for preschool - she has a G on her shirt, and was meant to wear a cape and be 'Super Genevieve.' But she decided she didn't want to wear the cape so told me she was 'Princess Ballerina Genna' instead :)

First Trick or Treating with her pumpkin basket!We went to our neighbors house for her first trick or treating experience - she got 2 little chocolates and was THRILLED!!! I let her have one, then off to bed because it's a school night. She had fun handing out candy to some neighborhood kids too:)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Last Minnesota Post

Helping make red velvet cupcakes for Joni's b-day party

loving this car!

Coloring with Gigi Sis

Does this smell?

More tent play

I love the zips!!

Grandpa taught me all sorts of great things :)

He's funny!

Early b-day present for Grandma - new blue pots & pans - fun!

Massive coloring strip Gigi Sis brought over

Here Grandpa you can help me!

Brock's helping too

Oh what they put me through - sigh

Crazy happy running Kemo & Brock

 And some cool SLOW MO videos of the dogs :)

Now, time for Genevieve's first ever fishing experience !!

The fish were more on the side of the boat though

Ready for a boat ride

4 Generations !

I can put lotion on your hands!

Dadda relaxing

Look what I caught - weeds!

I want to touch it!!
Pretty with Grandma's flowers


Hide and Seek Fun

Joni came over for a birthday dinner in HER princess outfit! Genna LOVED it!

Having a chat

2 Pretty Princesses

Hmmm not which cupcake should I eat first?

I think we were looking at Genna's 3 year photos that Grandma had taken while we were in NY - GORGEOUS!

I think I'll take that present

Horsey Joni!

And a photo bomb by Grandpa!

Kevin & the birthday girl

Wonderful to get to celebrate Joni's birthday with :) A GREAT last night in Minnesota - for this trip!

So do we have enough bags? Holy cow!

All settled in her seat - with her Mermaid magnet set!

Missing EVERYONE in Minnesota so so much already!!!!
One more blog to go - San Diego :)