Wednesday, October 16, 2013

USA - Post 5

(Oops these first few pics should have been on the last blog)

Waiting for someone special to arrive from Australia........
I'm SO excited!

It's DADDA!!!

The Mini! SO fun :) (she wanted us to keep a hand on it though, even though she was driving with the steering wheel & the pedals!)

Intently studying the Princess book from Joni where you have to find lots of specific pictures

Checking out the AMAZING 'Genevieve's ABC' book that Joni made!!

It's all pictures of ME - wow!

Happy Lady :)

Kevin liked the princess stickers!

Back outside in the pool again - fun!

Later that weekend, off for lunch!

Sitting by the St. Croix river with Grandpa

Waiting for our ride

Lunch Jazz cruise on the boat we had our wedding reception on!!! SO cool

Nice view of the river too

lovely new flower crown too

Look over there!

Serious lady

I have Dadda's watch!

fancy watch on me :)

Group pic ! Lovely

Dancing with Mama
And two dancing videos because she loved it SOOOOOOOO much !!
SO cool to have a nice lunch AND live Jazz music!

They were great musicians too! They could play anything that was requested

Dancing with Dadda too
I found someone my age to play with too!

I can see my hand under the table!

I see something else too!

what is it?

It's Baba !

Huge paddles on this boat !

I see you !

Playing under the table

SO funny

Cuddles with Dadda

Grandpa photo bomb

You're so funny Grandpa

Stop that - only I do that !

Now go sit over there

Oh ok you can stay

SUCH a fun fun trip - great to think back to the wonderful memories of our wedding ! And also a great lunch with fab music!

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  1. Genevieve the DANCING QUEEN! It sure was a great time and you were amazing. This ship was where Mommy and Daddy had their reception for their wedding and now you are sharing in the fun on the river.
    Love you, Grandpa and Grandma