Thursday, October 24, 2013

New York / Maine

New York !!!

Ohhhh good shot - Statue of Liberty !

The gorgeous apartment we stayed in

Nice views out the window too

You could even see the Chrysler Tower and the Empire State Building

Walking from the apartment - lots of interesting views

Food cart !

But first, lunch

AMAZING pork tacos (LOVE that holder too!!)

and prosciutto pizza - delicious

big lines for the new iphone

It really is crazy how even though there are traffic lights everywhere, they still need traffic cops
Horses by the park

Out to dinner - with niece Lorraine's boyfriend Luke

and Lorraine - Hooray!

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YAY for dinner at a Ukrainian restaurant

Cute couple

and us :)

Pierogies - delicious!

Massive salad too - yumm

and a VERY strange traditional dessert (wasn't very good either - the texture was too weird)

Off for another day of touring

Love those NY cabs ! Classic

Off to the park !

Strawberry fields in Central Park - memorial to John Lennon

And just outside the park - the building where he lived

and where he was shot (creepy)

It was SO hot outside, so we decided to hop on the subway and move on to another part of the city

But first - lunch !

HOLY COW it was good !!!!

We HAD to get the hotdog too - delicious!

Then off to B&H - Murray heaven - one of the largest camera stores in the world. It was HUGE and SO SO SO many staff!

Then dressed up for our show
We went to see Book of Mormon - funny, but not my style.
Then we walked down to see Times Square
SO many people - and No traffic !
The had this cool stand set up - you could sit and look at the square, or wait in line to see yourself on the screen behind it.
Busy busy busy
It was September 11th that day - so lots of Red, White & Blue - quite moving
We even got to see the twin tower lights - shame it was so foggy - amazing view though
Abandoned cart on the road KICK

Then off for a 'slice'
The slices were HUGE !! (and delicious!)
Amazing how you can see many platforms across
A beautiful station
Breaskfast! Brie omlette - yumm
Breakfast with my cousin Jenny who lives in NYC!
I stole a bit of her bacon - OMG yummmmmmmmm
After a lovely breakfast we walked her to work (she's a training to be a doctor!)
Then we made our way down to the Staten Island ferry - love that it's free!
We stood outside so we could see the Statue of Liberty!
Looking back at the cloudy city
A ship from Australia !!
The memorial for 911 on Staten Island
In remembrance of the residents of the island who were lost that day
They had each person's profile carved in stone - it was stunning, so sad
Really gorgeous
Back in Manhattan walking up Wall Street
Ohh a bit of London!
Heading down to the 911 memorial site
The New World Trade Center building
Walking up to the memorial - beautiful landscaping
It was gorgeous
I had to put on my sunglasses cause I just couldn't stop crying - so so sad
It was really touching how they grouped the names not only by where they worked/ how they knew each other - but they also took in account family requests for people who were friends to have their names adjacent.
It was a gorgeous memorial - I'm sure it'll be even more stunning once the museum and visitors center is completed.
The fancy grocer by where we were staying
Potato bread?
We went down to Rockefeller Center to maybe go up to the top and take photos, but it ended up being too foggy to see anything, so we didn't go up.
London phone boxes! Cool
And back at the apartment - night view. We had a GREAT fancy dinner out with a work colleague of Murray's that evening - fun night out :)
Next day - off to Maine!
And a bit of lunch
Delicious !
Then off to the outdoors store - great fish display!
Biggest LL Bean store I have ever seen!! Multiple buildings!
Big gun display too
Outside - after the rain
And off to our B&B !
And down to the waterside for dinner
Lovely view
A LOT smaller than the one we had in NYC (from Australia lol!) but perfectly delicious!
Murray did a good job cracking it open too
We're crabby
Helen too :)
Our cute B&B
And a lovely walk around town - first moss
8ish lol - I love it
SUCH a cute little town
for Peter - Rotary!
And Murray spent some time getting to know his new camera
Time for the Wedding !!
Funny guy on the car
The groom (nephew Justin), Helen, Me, Lorraine, and their Mom Kerry
Walking down to the ceremony site
Cute Lorraine & Luke
Justin with his fiance's brother who officiated (on his left) and best man (right)
SO handsome in his uniform
Waiting for the bride to arrive
Flower girl, ring bearer and bridesmaids
The gorgeous bride has arrived!
It was a lovely ceremony
reception line

Graham (Murray's half brother) and his wife Kerry

The girls :)
and another - great to be all together
The barn looked gorgeous
Cool drink stands
and pies YUMMMM

Wedding cake too of course - I love the decorations

Rebecca's parents

Justin's parents & sister

silly Lorraine :)



The gorgeous couple - they looked SO happy - lovely

They had pieces out that would be added to a quilt for them

We loved the mugs - you could write your name on it with a chalk pen!

Made by the mother of the bride - SO yummy too!




Conga !
Under the uniform - lol !

It was a fun night, and fun dancing (best part was when Luke hopped across the floor like a kangaroo when they played Down Under - ha ha!)

Balloons at the end of the night

We got to do one too!!! So cool

A great celebration - we're so glad that we were able to make it around our annual trip to the USA :)


  1. So sorry we couldn't make it to the wedding, but wonderful photos! My grandson looked very fine in his uniform, and my new granddaughter-in-law quite lovely. Great to see so many of the Wood family in one place!

  2. I agree with Peter and Lynn that the wedding looked lovely. Justin was certainly a handsome groom and the bride was pretty; they both seemed very happy. I know that Helen and you have always had a great time with Lorraine,too. Those huge balloons were really cool. Also, glad that you had a fun time in New York!
    Love, Dad and Mom