Tuesday, October 8, 2013

USA - Blog 3

After the engagement brunch, Mom, Dad, Genna and I as well as Mike, Megan & Alex drove down to the Children's Museum
The special exhibition was Dora the Explorer - which we knew Genna would LOVE

Such a brilliant place

And just right, she took a nap on the drive there
First up was the water experience - Alex was a great help handing the ping pong balls to Genna, then she fed them through the tubes

Next up - boat races!

And more water play!

Nice to have benches to watch too

Lets do this together!

Time to make HUGE bubbles !

I like this one!

The toddler section had scenes for each season
Exploring Spring with Alex

Climbing time

Another section had a blue screen with music choices - SO fun! Alex with Megan

SO many great areas - what's in here?

The grocery store

We're ready to check out !

Grandma helping


Planting flowers

a bit of help from Mama
And flowers by the porch with Grandma's help - the sets were AMAZING

Dog house / mailbox

And this one Mama is my favorite!

Weeeeeee this place is SO much fun!

YAY for the Dora exhibition!

Flying the spaceship with sidekick Alex

Space puzzle

Alex & Dada

This slide looks GREAT !

Cute :) Grandparents & Grandkids

Ohhh cool log tunnel

Cool water painting on rock
Really fab simple fun

Megan, Mike & Alex :) cute

Craft area upstairs

Alex doing etchings with Grandma

And Genna doing hers with Grandpa
Time for a tiny teddy snack!

I'll have one too thanks!
SUCH a fun day !! 

One last pic with Marcus before they fly back to Montana

Family :)

Kyle, Kemo and Marcus

Tongue face :) ha ha

Me, Marcus & Amy

The soon to be married couple
 It was great to see them, and just like every visit - it went too quickly!


  1. Awesome blog!!!
    Love you and miss you,
    G.A. Joni

  2. I notice that Mom cheated in the boat race. Not cool.