Saturday, October 5, 2013

Spring in Sydney

Genna dacing in her 'castle' - the gazebo down at Balmoral Beach

We decided to stop for a play since we had to go past the city for an appointment anyway

Any why not? It was a GORGEOUS Spring day. Warm in the sun

Eventually I put on her swimsuit because she was getting SO wet splashing around in the water

I like this beach because it's a harbour beach (thus doesn't have the ocean waves)

I kept saying don't go out far, stay close to me, and she'd reply 'I'm okay Mama, I'm just brave' Yea ha ha, but still stay close!

The water is too cold for me - but she had a BLAST! (I just limited her water time!)


  1. Loved,loved,loved the last photo where Genna is posing in the water. Such a fun blog; wish we could be there to watch each and every moment of her joy that day!
    Love, Grandma and Grandpa

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