Thursday, October 10, 2013

USA - Post 4

Cupcake making with Joni :)
Someone LOVES frosting
A genius way to put on sprinkles - dip the cupcakes!
SO much fun - and delicious!
Shoe shopping time !! We love those American prices :)

my cousin Jenny, Me & Genna out to lunch

The next night I went out to dinner with my friends - so Gigi Sis and Grandma took Genna out on the boat for dinner. Brock decided to photo bomb !


I'm SO HAPPY !!!

Beautiful night on the lake

The next day we went to our friends Jake and Lori's house for a swim / bbq

Mariah came too and was SO great with the girls (that's Jake's little girl Sophia too)

Swimming ladies

Me chatting with Jake and their GIANT dog

It's a great outdoor setup!

We had a really fun day

The girls especially loved the fountains by the side of the pool !


Their huge fish tank inside ! (1 of 2 !!)

Great day with friends  Lori & Jake
Back at the lake - Murray spotted this lovely crane

Boat ride time again with Joni !

Kemo fishing

Well, trying to catch a fish

Beth & Mike came down - so out for a boat trip - YAY!

Mike sharing some funny story I guess

SO great to see Beth :)

We drove down to the end of the lake

Then docked the boats and walked up into town

It's only about a block to walk

YAY for lunch !

Look - I can DO it - taco tongue

We can BOTH do it :)

Fries with Dadda

the lovely Mike & Beth

Funny ladies!

Group pic

Same, but with a pensive Genna in the background :)

Cool dudes in their glasses
How many noodles does one person need?

A little swim with Dadda

and a floating mat

The current - we're floating away !

Back with a helping hand from Mama

All dry & warm now

Gigi Sis & Joni

Such a cute little swimsuit on her

The entertainer

That's some wild hair !

My turn to drive !

I found weeds!!!

Grandpa will help you across (we had the 2 boats tied up together)

Now who would like to try the cupcakes I made with Joni ?

One for Grandma

One for Beth

One for Mike

Back in the house - getting her hair done while making Rapunzle play dough hair !

Lovely braided pigtails

I love my new wand too !

I love my dolly too :)

That evening we went out with friends - Joe, Murray & Mike

And the girls - Beth, Jessi, Me & Katie

There was a fun photo booth at the bar - very cool! I need to find a pic of the photos Murray & I got too!

Me & Jessi

Katie & Joe

Yes, they are married :) The newlyweds of the group - 3 years

The group - we sought shelter inside after the setting sun got SO hot outside!

Funny boys

Later we made our way to another bar that wasn't so crowded - pool time!

We also picked the music which was fun

Nice that we had this whole side to ourselves

So is he a good shot?

He is! It was a really fun night out with our friends :)

While we were out, Genna had a GREAT time in the pool

And blueberries with Gigi Sis - Mom took a photo to prove she was eating blueberries - WOW she hasn't touched a blueberry for nearly 2 years!! (picky!)

I like them now!

Grandpa sleeping with a belt eye mask near the crazy dogs

Thanks Gigi :)

Play dough hair again before bed - it is SO much fun !!

Fun for everyone

And the next day, a lovely lunch at Gigi Sally's house !

SO much Fun :)

Playing with Auntie Jani too


  1. LOVED reliving all the great memories!!!
    Love you,
    G.A. Joni

  2. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!
    Wish we could do this EVERY week!
    Love and miss you's,
    Great Auntie Jani

  3. Loved each and every moment that you captured. Thanks for taking the time to download all of the photos for all of us to enjoy! Love, Grandma and Grandpa