Tuesday, October 1, 2013

USA - Post 2

Out on Kevin & Joni's boat after the state fair

Jagger & Chemo-Sabe

It was fun to be out on such a gorgeous day !
The dogs had a good time too :) That's Brock with the bushy tail on the right

Blocking the sun

Refused to nap, but eventually collapsed from jet lag exhaustion!

The other boat - my parents

Uncle Marky playing some tunes, Genna offering him a crayon

Silly !

LOTS of fun coloring

Marky is helping me too!

Family cuddles

And a little dance

Here you can have this one
Mariah and I preparing the flower arrangements for Marcus & Amy's engagement party

Genna & Dad having a nap before the party (she refused to go in her bed - whatever works - she REALLY needed a nap!)

You still sleeping?

Thumb too ha ha

The flowers around the cake came from Mom's garden and WOW did they look amazing :)

Mexican taco party - with Gigi Sis's homemade salsa - yummmmm!

An awesome spread

It was a fun and yummy meal
Lots of family came too which was fun - Uncle Jay, Gigi Sally & Lolly

My friend Jessi came too :)

Cute little people - Genna & Alex

Genna doing her hair with Joni's help


Alex & Grandma

Grandma Sally & Sis with the serious groom to be

Norman, Jeff & Mandie
Johnny & Sue

Cuddles with Grandma

and Kevin !

Jolie & Megan

Joni, Lolly, Julie, Joel & Jani

Caleb & Al

Grandma Sally & Kyle

Jani, Amy & Lolly
Eating time!

And coloring time !

Gigi Sally gave Genna a necklace kit - she was thrilled !

She had some help from Jani & Mariah

Genna & her Gigi's

Gigi Sally, Genna & Gigi Sis - LOVE LOVE LOVE this shot :)
Mom, Me & Lolly

Alex telling Juile a story

Mom put on a great party

I had a really nice time talking with my Grandma & Aunts

The outside table

After the meal some of the group went outside to play baseball

The crowd watching from the sidelines

Alex & Grandpa

You're silly Kevin !

Brock had fun watching too
What's this Grandma?

Ohhhh cool books!

Just a few cars!

Lovely photo of Sue & Joel with Mom

Alex & Amy


Slide time !

Cousins :)

Dandelion !!

SUCH a fun day !!

The next day we went out to a lovely brunch - Kyle, Gigi Sis, Johnny & Joni

Alex, Megan & Mike

Jeff & Mandie

Mariah reading to Genna

Marcus, Grandma Sis & Amy

It was a delicious breakfast !!

A few family pictures too - this is Amy's sister & fiance and her parents
My family :)

Also including Johnny, Kyle, Joni & Kevin :)

And just the immediate family + partners (only missing Murray)

Smile for Goofy !

A quick break on the slide !

Amy invited us to come watch her try on wedding dresses - Genna & Mariah took the floor spot

I'm a princess! (she LOVED being at the wedding shop

Genna LOVED being at the wedding shop. She ran down the aisles saying THIS dress is white and THIS dress is white!!! And she thought Amy looked like a Princess:) The dress she bought really is Gorgeous!

YAY we love these shopping carts!

Playing  marble works with Grandpa

It's as tall as me!


  1. Awesome blog!!! LOVE reliving every moment...but makes me miss you all the more!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Love you sooooooooooooo much,
    G.A. Joni

    1. I agree with Joni, as we loved each and every moment and it went by all too quickly. Thanks for sharing Genna with us; we loved having her here! Love, Grandma