Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Week 24

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 24 weeks old
You are still LOVING blowing raspberries - I love how you stick your whole tongue out and then smile when you make a noise - very funny!

You also have a new squeal that sounds like a whistle (whew a whew)

You can fully pull your legs up under you now too - you get them up there and then rock!

This week you are loving yourself in the mirror - you reach out to touch the other baby - then look at me and laugh - so much fun :)

And GOSH you are getting long, sometimes when I'm holding you I just look in the mirror and think WOW you are getting big!

You are also getting much better in the car seat - we have had a few successful no crying trips which is great!

Catching up with Aunty Helen

You LOVE when I kiss your neck & tummy - it makes you laugh out loud like crazy!

You also can just about sit on your own and reach out to me!

We also had a first this week - you peed on me in public!
We were down at the beach and I put you down without a nappy on a blanket so you could kick a bit. You got upset, so I picked you up and you peed all over my shirt & shorts then again on the blanket when I put you down!! Oh well, I guess it was just a matter of time :)

The queen on her throne - ready to eat!

You are still loving carrot

This week we also tried Swede (Rutabaga) - which did NOT agree with your stomach. So we moved on to potato which you don't love yet, but we'll keep trying it!

So Daddy & I ate your cubes of swede instead - yummy with butter & salt!

Messy - but enjoying eating!

We enjoy going down near the beach to just have fun on our picnic blanket - you
attract a lot of attention when you have your sunnies on!

Happy baby in the bath

You still love to suck on your duck while bathing

But your new trick is that you LOVE to suck on your toes - especially in the bath!

We are working on rolling - this is really the first time you have done it by yourself (from your back). Granted you haven't done it since - but I DO know you know how!!

You LOVE singing too - it makes you happy, it calms you down when are upset, and you especially the itsy bitsy spider :)

Such a fun week, I love your happy bubbly self so much


  1. The videos are priceless!! SHE'S ROLLING OVER!!! SHE'S ROLLING OVER!!! And you caught it on tape!!! Woo Hoo!!! Thanks!
    Love you, Joni

  2. How can anyone make a choice - these are great clips of the baby and you. I love the shoe pictures to the eating, how wonderful of you to do a blog that keeps us informed, I love it, love You-Baby and Zak. Her progress is remarkable she is sooooooooo smart. G.Gram

  3. She is a gorgeous little chubber!! Can't believe how big she looks everytime you put her on the koala mat!