Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fun at home with Daddy

"HI Daddy! I remember this green top when I was born - um hello.. don't you ever wear anything else?? You're so embarrassing."

"Ahhh in Daddy's nook....although kinda squished in the pit......"

Daddy and I giggling about mamma. hee hee."I know!...right...she does too...SNAP!"

Hey check out my new summer hat Daddy gave me.....hey I can smell lunch? ...Yippee!

My new hat comes with all these stretchy things - to keep the flies away? Oh no, I've worked it out, it's one of those new "exercise while you wear" hats Do you KNOW how many calories are in my mamma's milky treats?? It's completely indulgent. It's not like I haven't asked for SKIM a thousand times. I mean, doesn't she listen? I must have said "Weeee urgh gurgle blah blah" every morning! ...oh well...I suppose mamma knows best....but I do think she should get her hearing checked.

Daddy and I spending some quality time watching an awesome fishing show with lots of cool fishing boats! I love having a snack on the couch with Daddy....but he doesn't share his treats. Instead I get this blue doughnut that must be sooooo stale! I can't make any progress on it no matter how long I chew on it. If that wasn't hard enough - there's a whole bunch more on a stick and they keep getting bigger!! I mean, what do they think, like I have teeth or something?? Besides, as if I would ever eat something that was orange!? Who's the cook in this house?

"What? Oh yeah, mmmmm so yummy Daddy. I love my blue doughnut, thanks so much for making it for me." ( I just don't have the heart to break it to him that he can't cook)

(comments by Murray of course - cause I'm not funny:)


  1. Monique, these photos are seriously cute - and hilarious!

  2. Took me a moment... but then I was rolling on the floor laughing!!
    NICE HAT!!!
    Love ~Joni