Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fun with Grandma

A quick catch up post with what we've been up to this week
Genna's Cheeky Monkey face

This past weekend we went to my friend Megan's house - Genna liked Henry's bouncer too!

Megan, Henry, Me & Genna

Cuties (the babies that is!)

Genna & Grandma down at the Manly Corso

holding Mama's face :)

I sure do!

At the beach

She likes to lean completely backwards while I fill the bath now!

Pretty Girl

Fun in the bath with her favorite toy - mr. crabby

Cuddles with Grandma

Minnesota Girl

Grocery Shopping

Genna in her new outfit from Aunty Mariah with Grandma

Checking out the trees and the birds on the balcony

It was a fun week - one more fun week to go!!! :)


  1. LOVE the snuggling with Grandma shots!! So precious!! Enjoy! Love, Joni

  2. Cute pictures of us (& the babies)! So glad you guys could come! It was great to see your mum again, too!

  3. I am guessing your mum is visiting? Enjoy!!!! Great time of year to be at home too. G is very cute - a little chubber!