Sunday, May 26, 2013

Catch Up :)

Look - I'm carrying my baby doll on my back!

Very cute - it was her idea!

We took out Genna's new t-ball kit on a lovely warm day recently

I can do it!

I especially love the practise swings !

Last weekend, Helen, Genna & I hosted a tea party for our friends. Helen and Genevieve made mini cupcakes for the table - Genna was very good at swirling the batter!

The kids table - all ready for the party with fruit, pretzels and a selection of sandwiches cut into flowers!

Ready to go with my fancy tea cups, tea pot and a gorgeous selection of tea

The cupcakes turned out amazing - and the missouri cookies, yumm! And my other lovely teapot!

All the lovely food & cakes that people brought. I made mini quiche too and they were very tasty!

While Daddy's been away we have missed him, but we've also had some lovely times together (and with Helen & friends)
Like this day when we cuddled up on the sofa together for a nap

We went out to eat

And played hide on seek (her 'hide' could be improved on..... lol!)
And last week I bought Genna her first pair of rain boots - of course she had to go out that evening when it started to rain. She LOVES her boots - so so fun.

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  1. Love all the video's, especially the one with new boots and umbrella-just wonderful. So much fun to watch this beautiful girl, talking so clearly. Keep the video's coming to all of us. Love Gram