Thursday, May 2, 2013

Big Girl Bed

At Nanna & GrandDad's house - Genna had her first sleep in a 'big girl' (single) bed.
 She LOVED it and slept so well!
Back at home we got her used to the idea of a new big bed by putting her single mattress on the floor for a few days. At first she wouldn't go near it - and slept in her cot (crib) on the other side of the room, but after 2 days she got excited about it and slept great it in it!

It's a big bed Mama

Finally it was time to set up the furniture.
I'm SO happy! I'm a big girl now :)

Ahhh look turtle & shark on my side table - exciting!

She still looks SO tiny next to everything though!

I can get up all by myself!
This is how I will sleep :)

SOOOOOOO happy :)


  1. We give a "hoot" that you are sleeping soundly and happily. Nice to see your BIG GIRL bed. Sweet dreams, to our dear one!
    Love, Grandpa and Grandma

  2. The nice white bed-with a beautiful baby girl sleeping -it is a picture to truly treasure.
    Now she is a big girl-no more crib.
    Love it- Great Gram