Thursday, February 19, 2009

The R List & Parachutes

We took a break from job searching this afternoon because - HOORAY!!! the sun is out!

Just as we were laying out our towels Murray exclaimed 'LOOK!'
running along the sidewalk that is right by the beach we saw the trainers from the reality show I am totally addicted to - The Biggest Loser.

Shannan and Michelle (YES a man named Shannan - so odd) - and WOW they are more ripped in person than they look on TV (and they look big on TV!)

I like the show because 1. it is the only thing on at 7pm every night and 2. it is filmed here in Manly and 3. it is amazing to see how well the contestants are doing - one man lost 20 kilograms in just 2 weeks - wow! I guess that's possible when you are working out many many hours every day - ouch!

Anyhow, today we packed up our little beach bag and made it down to catch some sun (hooray)!

When we set up on the beach we noticed a plane that looked like it belonged to the military circling VERY slow over the ocean in front of us - then they dropped 9 packages into the sea?

We THINK it looked like 1 package to every 2 people who were parachuting down - not sure though

The plane circled 3 times, dropping 22 'packages' in total - a training exercise I guess - kinda fun to watch!

I didn't actually make it into the water though because the swimming area wasn't set up at North Steyne (they put up flags in 'safe to swim' areas where the current isn't too strong & lifeguards will keep an eye on you). I guess the currents were just too strong today, and we didn't want to walk to Queenscliff or Manly - so we just relaxed and read a bit and soaked in a bit of sun - too too lovely.

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