Saturday, May 29, 2010

5 Years - 1825 Days with the world's greatest man

Friday, May 28th we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversay
Murray even popped across the street to capture the love note he carved into the newly laid sidewalk a few weeks ago - sweet :) (He had been staking it out for weeks - waiting for them to lay this concrete just near our place!)

And one of his gifts to me - a wood plaque to celebrate the Woods on our wood (traditional gift for 5 years) anniversary - how very very thoughtful!!

We went out to dinner for a very fancy Mexican meal at Vera Cruz in Cremorne

The meals were really lovely - but this dessert was AMAZING!!!!

Loved the churros as well!

We ate until we felt like we would explode - especially me!!


  1. Yum, Vera Cruz... drool. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversay! Congratulations!

  3. Happy Anniversary. You are looking lovely with your belly.

  4. Happy Anniversary! You guys are an inspiration.