Monday, August 27, 2012

Funny Lady

Mommy's pigtails aren't as straight as Daddy's - still pretty darn CUTE though!!! They last about 5 minutes, then she rips them out :)

We've had beautiful weather lately (20c, 70f and SUNNY!) so we've been going to the park a LOT
but we did make it to the mall a bit too - you took this car for a spin


The chocolate rimmed cup 'smile' ha ha - cute

The other night, you woke up coughing (because you don't know how to blow your nose and won't stay on a pillow). So I went in and said 'Come on Genna, just come sleep with me.' You quickly dropped to your knees and said 'EVERYBODY EVERYBODY!!!' while feeling around for all the stuffed toys you sleep with. When I picked you up you were in a panic because somehow you knew, even in the dark, that you had Pingu, Baby and Baba - but you were missing 'BIG BUNNY!!!' I said big bunny is downstairs because I had to wash him. 'Oh Ok' you replied, so we went to the spare bed.
I laid you down with your head on the pillow, then got up to close the door. You sat up and said 'What doing Mom? Come here!!!'
So I closed it and then laid down next to you. You leaned over and said 'Hi Mom - What Doing?'
I said it's bedtime Genna - lay down and go to sleep!
'Ok Mom' you said, then laid down and promptly fell asleep. Of course once you fell asleep you rotated off the pillow and wedged your head in the corner (we have the bed up against the wall) - but somehow you still didn't cough for the rest of the night!! Works for me :)

That was it and from that night onwards you were happy to sleep in your own bed, and the cough was gone - hooray!


  1. I love how she takes in information and then responds so logically!!! "Ok Mom!" So cute and so SMART!!!!
    Love you all,

  2. ...and the pigtails are ADORABLE!!!

  3. Pipi Longstocking, move over! Genevieve to the rescue. She is such a darling girl and so clever.

    Love, Grandpa and Grandma