Thursday, July 10, 2014

Week 38

38 Weeks 2 Days

On the way to preschool the other day Genna asked me 'Will Jingle come to school with me? or go to work with you?' I explained that I'm taking some time off (YAY for a year off!!) but when Jingle does go to school, around 1 year old, it will be in the baby room at her school. She was pleased with that answer :)

That evening she said 'Dadda, why are you always so tired after work?' He said because Genna, work is very hard and not fun like when you go to school. She replied 'but I get VERY tired at school too, it's hard work too!' lol
Showing off her new outfit from my aunt Denise, not sure why the hand clasping was necessary :)

And a few photos preschool sent me of Genna's 'school party'
She chose Dora decorations for her cupcakes

She was thrilled to be the center of attention - another lovely celebration of turning 4 !!


  1. Jingle now equal's Maxwell! WOO-HOO!

  2. Little did you know that the BUMP shot would be your last photo before having the baby! Genna's Minnie Mouse outfit from Denise is adorable. It fits her just perectly. Loved the cupcakes and the other kids in awe of her birthday celebration treats! Take care. Love you!