Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Week 36

I'm feeling surprisingly good this week! I guess that couple good nights of sleep really did make a difference. I THINK it's the cold that's helping me sleep better. But I feel good! Lots of energy, back isn't sore. And counting down only a week and a half of work to go - YAY!

I love this video - how Genna always 'talks' to Jingle through my belly button ha ha
'Fishing' at the park - she made up this game which I thought was quite cute :)
While Dadda was away on a work trip we went to Featherdale (an Australian wildlife park) with Aunty Helen - it was super fun!
A craft Genna did at preschool last week - I was VERY impressed with how well she put it together. It was totally up to them to put the parts in the correct spot, glue it down and then decorate. I don't know why she names everything Ella though!
She also got to bring home the new school mascot 'Sunny the Sheep' last week. We took pictures to show what 'adventures' we took her on. Here she's posing with Sunny (on a leash) by her play tent
We also took Sunny to Freshwater beach when we went to visit friends
Beautiful down there - and what a lovely winter day!
Posing with Sunny in her favorite dressy dress :)
She was THRILLED to bring this page back into school and the director made a big deal out of it since she was the first one to bring Sunny home :)
Foot to bump! I took this picture to show how TALL she is getting - wow!
Ready for a bike ride around the neighborhood :)

She LOVES to make up songs :)


  1. Okay, first off... Monique - you look fabulous!! SO glad you're feeling as good as you look! Just a few more days till your break from work...then Jingle will be here and you'll be busier than ever!! But it'll be a good busy! :)
    Genna's artistic talents are amazing! Not only did she put the pieces together like a pro...but she got the whiskers and incredible details as well! Bravo!
    Looks like so much fun to have Sunny the Sheep on all the adventures! Nice that she had it first to set the great example!!
    Her Old MacDonald improv song was so fun to watch! LOVE that it made her hungry!!! All that twirling makes for speedy digestion!
    Best of all...just about got tears when I watched her whisper to Jingle via your belly so so so precious! She'll be a wonderful big sister!
    Say hi to Helen!
    Love to you all,
    G.A. Joni

  2. I love the "little Marcus" video of Genna on her guitar! Clone! Of course....the adorable loving up of her sibling, Jingles...what a great thing for that little one to watch someday, how he/she was so loved before even entering the world! Maybe Genna aspires to be a ob/gyn...she was pretty good with that flashlight!

  3. Thanks to your sweet Aunties for the wonderful comments and accolades. Cannot wait to be in Australia celebrating life with you! I am counting down the days, hours, and minutes! Love, Mom