Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oh I can do it :)

I added value at work today - finally - it felt good to not feel totally lost - hooray!

Also- good things
*I fly back to Minnesota a week from tomorrow
*tomorrow is casual day at work
*and my Dad arrives on Monday

Happy Thursday!



  1. Back to Minnesota, eh? ;) I hope you're not a Vikings fan (coming from a big Packer fan), or I may no longer be able to visit your blog. (kidding, sorta.)

    My recent trip back to California was long enough. I can only imagine getting onto another flight after 14 hours from Oz.

    Oh, and hooray casual days! I work from home, so everyday is a casual (sometimes too much) day.

  2. Correction, dad arrives on Tuesday evening late :-)

  3. Dad - yes well TECHNICALLY you won't be coming to our flat til Tuesday, but I am counting when you arrive in Australia:)