Monday, July 30, 2012

At the Beach

I'm waiting on a few more b-day pics from Murray, but in the meantime I'll post these pictures from our excusion to Manly 2 weeks ago. We went there on our day off to catch up with friends, and then went to the beach for a quick play, as I had promised her we would go and she was yelling BEACH BEACH all day :)
Cool Glasses
Ahhhhhh cold but FUN

Water Mama!

Running! (she always stops when I yell WAIT! to wait for the incoming tide and not run TO it!)

Messy but so so so fun! She LOVES the beach  - even in winter :)

1 comment:

  1. Beach Girl
    Little beach girl on the run,
    Toes dipped in water,having fun.
    Smiling,laughing,days of joy,
    Better than any type of toy.
    Life is precious every day,
    So,cherish each moment of her play.
    Tiny, little footsteps in the sand,
    Walking with Genna hand-in-hand.
    Love, Grandma