Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our first outing to Manly !

Today we ventured out for the first time in our new stroller to get some fresh air in Manly!
Snug as a bug :) (I wasn't worried that the hat wasn't totally covering her ears since it wasn't cold - 70 degrees and WARM in the sun!)

Daddy by the beach

Genevieve loved the movement of the stroller - she slept SO SO soundly, even after we got home! Her longest sleep in days!!

And me with Genna and a much fuller stroller after a bit of grocery shopping:) Gosh it felt GREAT to get out of the house - I had only been out once in 8 days (just to walk from the hospital to the car)! The breeze was fresh down by the beach, but on the backstreets I was down to a t-shirt. Lovely lovely day - especially considering this is the middle of 'winter' :)


  1. The stroller is so European looking! I so look forward to seeing Grandma Debi & Grandpa John with Genevieve in their arms!
    What a lovely beach to take a stroll on with your new little one!
    Sue Johnson