Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Week 53

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 53 weeks old
It's been a chilly week - but we've still managed to get out a bit :)

On the weekend we went to the wharf bar with Dada for lunch which was fun!

You had a GREAT time walking around

You also got a new hat for day care because you get to play outside a few times a day. Last week was your first week of going 3 days a week to day care. You did really well and settled in pretty quickly. You have made some great friends already. They tell me you love to play and chat with your friend Max - they said you sat by him at lunch and the two of you had a conversation! You also enjoy walking around with the girls and pointing at the fish in the fish tank! You especially love the sand box too! When I picked you up after your 5th full day (the second week) you were in the sand box having a GREAT time! Banging together sand scoopers - with sand all over you face and hands and a huge smile on your face! We had to empty your shoes in the sink when we got home because they were SO full of sand. I'm so glad you are having fun there while I work.

Today, on my day off, we spent the morning at home playing - you do still LOVE books! You understand now when I say 'Genna go get me a book and bring it back so we can read it.' You toddle off to grab a book, then you come back and sit on my lap to read.

At night time we always read a book before bed. I always offer you a choice of 2 books, and lately you will shake your head and refuse to touch any book other than 'Goodnight Minnesota.' Works for me :)

Ah what big ears you have bunny!

We are working on teaching you the word duck. I THINK you are saying it now - although it sounds quite similar to 'da' :)

Take that duck!

The other funny thing that you love to do is put Everything in the rubbish bin. You take the magnets off the fridge and put them in the bin all the time. So I tried giving you a little handbag to put them in and showed you how. You put a few in, then put the whole handbag in the bin. *sigh* So I tried to show you how to transfer the magnets from the fridge to the dishwasher. You transferred a few, then threw them in the bin. Then you went and got your puppy blanket, and threw that in the bin too! Oh well - I guess it's a fun game:) So I just keep our recycle bin empty and clean now, just in case toys end up in it.

Love ya Lots,


  1. LOVE the story about the recycle bin as a toy box!! And boy oh boy she is MOBILE!!! You guys won't have to go to the gym any more because you'll be putting in many miles of that age old workout called "chasing"!!!
    Thanks for the smiles!

  2. Hey Genna!! You are 53 WEEKS old and your Auntie Joni and I are 53 YEARS old!! Coincidence?? I think not! Love ya, Great Auntie Jani

  3. So cute! Mo-I love your boots! I need these.

  4. Thanks Lori - I got them at Aldo :)