Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Week 54

Dear Genevieve,

The big news is that this week you started talking (well, kind of). When you see a duck you say something that sounds like 'duh' and when you see a pig you breathe really heavy with your nose (like snorting). Such a smart lady :)
You took your first ride on a tiny merry go round at the mall this weekend - you LOVED it!!

Walking with Mama through the mall - you can walk on your own now, but sometimes it's nice to hold hands too :)

Murray and I have been working our way through the cookbook 'Jamie's 30 minute meals' - it is SO good and SO easy! This week we made the roast beef + yorkshire puddings - yummmmm!

One day two big cockatoo's came up to our kitchen window (you are VERY into pointing right now!)

You loved watching them tap the glass with their beaks!

You also had fun playing with Aunty Helen's birthday balloons!!

This morning I snuck a photo of you sound asleep - I HATE having to wake you in the morning when I have to go to work:( You have settled into daycare SO well though. You don't cry anymore when I drop you off or when I pick you up. Today you actually were so busy reading a book with your friend Isla that I had to call your name to get you to look up so I could wave goodbye! You love all the different kinds of food they serve you too - they always tell me you ate 'heaps' for lunch! I'm the one who makes you eat healthy healthy things at home:) Today I made you a lovely fish & veggie bake with sardines that you LOVED for dinner - it sure is stinky - but you like it:)

We also had a lovely lunch out for Aunty Helen's birthday this weekend

You were SUCH a good girl!!! And you finally have enough hair for a little clip to stay in!

Helen, Me & Genna

You with your mousey, your moo cow in a box and Rachel

And cuddles with Kristy

We had SUCH a great time and everyone was SO impressed by what a good girl you were. You ate really well (and didn't throw too much food). You slept in your stroller while we ate, and you were just generally wonderful :)

Other things this week....

You also have stopped chewing on most things. You don't feel like you have to put Everything in your mouth anymore. Although when I give you your toothbrush while I'm filling your bath, you are thrilled to chew on it for a bit!

You also are more interested in using a spoon this week. You enjoy lots of finger food (thus why I do every kind of bake you can think of now!) but you also enjoyed having a few puree's this week which you ate all by yourself with a spoon!

Lots of Love,


  1. Those two cockatoos sitting right on your window sill are quite amazing! I bet Genna was mystified by those birds. Great that you got a photo of her with them.

    Happy birthday to Auntie Helen. How nice of her to invite Genna to her lovely gathering for her birthday. Great news that Genna is starting to say a few words,too.

    Miss you and love you, Grandma

  2. Love reading about all the milestones and updates! Glad to see and hear that you are doing great in OZ. :)