Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The past weeks

Oops I really haven't updated in awhile!

Trying to get a pic of Max with his third passport - U.K. :)

Genna's artwork at starting big school (kindergarten orientation). This was the first session where she went completely without me to a classroom. I asked how it was and she said she was upset. I said why? She said well we read a book about patchwork elephants, but then I didn't have enough time to finish coloring mine!! :)

And the week before
Max LOVES coloring - when he sees Genna is doing it he yells until we let him have a go too

But he will not use baby crayons - he wants to use the proper thin ones like his big sister:)

Nice day at the library with Aunty Helen

Gosh he LOVES books - he found this one with dogs - we had to check it out to bring home - he could not put it down!!

At the play area in a local mall - so happy :)
Waiting for their first swim lesson at a new swim school to start (went VERY well!)

Back at home with books again, of course! I keep a shelf full downstairs that he can access whenever he wants. He likes to pick one then back up to me to sit on my lap so I can read it to him (or sit on a pillow :)
Genna has been insisting on reading herself for a few minutes at bed time (after we read a few books together) so I said fine, turn off your light when you're done. She doesn't make it that far though....

I had a to take a cute sleeping pic the 2 nights I found her like that - very sweet
Getting to be such a big boy :)

Peppa Pig bouncy castle!!

On the elephant ride

SO happy to be at the fair with Aunty Helen!

She was thrilled with her face paint!
Getting better and better with cutlery

he can be quite precise with a little fork too :)
I FINALLY got pics of this. Every morning once it's time to get her up (on daycare days) I bring him with me. I put him on her bed and crawls up and cuddles her awake

She usually reaches out an arm to pat him hello as she wake - very very sweet
Max's favourite things
1. Going outside (he screams and arches his back when I make him come back inside). He likes pushing things around (shopping cart, broom, play car) digging in the dirt with his fingers and sticks and pointing when he hears the sounds of a bus going by or an airplane! (he has great hearing!!)
2. This funny little piece of cardboard - it's from a wooden sushi set. It's just a small piece of cardboard (although not small enough to go in your mouth...) that he likes to fold up and clutch in his hand. So funny. Last night he had Baba clutched in one hand, cardboard in the other, made it VERY hard for him to turn pages in his books before bed lol! But he wouldn't let me take either, instead moved the cardboard slightly so his fingers could turn the pages! I just let him take it with him to bed because he was so attached :)
3. Waking your sister up. As soon as you wake (usually 5:45) you run for the door yelling MAMA! (Genna). She usually gets up at 7 (or later). So we instead head downstairs and at 7 I take you back up. You run into her room yelling MAMA!! and I help you get up on her bed. You crawl up and put your head down to cuddle her. I finally got a picture this week - it's just too sweet :)
4. Your newest thing is high fives! I say high five and you smile and stick your hand up. Very cute :)


  1. Okay...my heart is just melting away at how incredibly and wonderfully adorable this post is! From Genna's artwork, to Max sitting on the pad at the library, to them looking in at the pool, and then the wake-up cuddling. Be still my heart! Thanks for the warm fuzzy feelings!
    Love you all,
    G.A. Joni

  2. Um....I think it goes without saying.....you guys need a dog!! :D
    Great Auntie Jani

  3. I love it, Max's hair is getting more blonde and thicker, wonderful he loves books, he will be a great student.
    Genna's pictures are great, looks like they both love outdoors. Wonderful, keep it coming. GiGi

  4. Dear Genna and Max,
    I cannot wait to see you again. It is so hard being a SKYPE Grandma. I wish I could read you books, take you to the park and swimming, and just hold you tight in my arms. Here's to a visit together soon. Grandpa and I are most thankful that your Mom does this Blog, so we can feel like we are experiencing a part of your busy and happy lives. Stay healthy and happy! You are amazing children. Love, Grandma

  5. Love you, Love you, Love you!

    Grandpa and Grandma